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Moisture Control

Pestout specializes in comprehensive fungus control for your home or business, to prevent damage. Because we are surrounded by water and sit at or below sea level, Newport News and the surrounding Hampton Roads Virginia cities are prone to flooding, high humidity levels and increased moisture.

Pestout moisture control takes into account conducive conditions that attract pests. Controlling termites in the home requires controlling moisture in your crawl space.

Moisture attracts pests, especially termites. In fact, it is the leading cause of termite infestation!

Undetected leaks and high humidity levels in crawl spaces can result in concentrations of fungus and mildew. Moisture also attracts termites, leading to termite damage and costly repairs as it damages the structural components of your house. Detecting and treating wood decaying fungus can save home and property owners from costly repairs down the road.

Conducive Conditions for Moisture

Excessive moisture in crawl • Excessive moisture on exterior

Wood to ground contact • Plumbing leaks

Disconnected dryer vents • Leaking or uninsulated ducts


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Signs of Moisture

Good: No higher than 16%    Serious: Higher than 25%

The existence of fungus shows that there is a moisture problem.

Pestout uses the following methods to comprehensively prevent moisture and treat fungus, helping prevent termite problems and further damage:

An intermediate moisture condition
 (16% – 20%)

This can be controlled with a quality moisture barrier over the soil in the crawl space, and/or a preventative wood decay fungus treatment.

For more serious conditions (21% – 28%)

A full encapsulation is recommended.


For a limited time, you can request a FREE termite and moisture inspection, a $125 value.*

Do your doors or windows stick, making them hard to open or close?

Are your floors warping? Do you smell musty odors in your home?

These are possible symptoms of fungus and moisture in your home.

Call PESTOUT for a Free* Moisture Inspection today. (757) 814-2923

Areas of the Home That Most Often Need Moisture Control:

There are a lot of different places in a home where moisture problems occur that can lead to wood decaying fungus and termites. Many problem areas are not seen until there is significant damage. Repairing damage will not solve the problem unless the source is identified and resolved. At PESTOUT, we make sure we address the source factor comprehensively.

PESTOUT Termite pest control

Our thorough Termite and Moisture inspection includes:

  1. Water entering the foundation: Crawl spaces can have moisture infiltration from high water tables in rainy seasons, or even from a shallow clay layer just under the surface of your crawl space floor. This can seep into your crawl space, creating unusually high humidity levels. Sealing the crawl space, installing sump pumps, or dehumidifying the interior of the foundation are some options that help to prevent water from entering the foundation.
  2. Condensation: Humidity can find its way into a crawl space through leaky or improperly insulated duct work in the crawl space. Even if the water level is not reaching the soil level under the house, its presence beneath the soil can vaporize into the crawl space. When hot, humid air meets cooler air beneath the house, this can cause condensation. Our approach to moisture control is cutting edge and comprehensive by addressing both forms of moisture entering the foundation. We address your problem through underground drainage systems, sump pumps, polyethylene moisture barriers, and self-monitored moisture evacuation systems.
  3. Moisture that is attracting termites. Termites can quickly damage the wood and structural components of a property, bringing about costly damages. We will address the moisture that is attracting termites, as well as, apply termite preventative treatments. Click here to learn about our comprehensive termite treatments.

Identifying the problem areas before they lead to water damage and termite infestations is the key to preventing expensive damage later. A moisture inspection will identify problem areas in your home or property.

If you notice water damage in your home or property or would like an inspection to identify hidden problem areas, call PESTOUT for moisture control services. We treat and prevent water damage that is common in Newport News and surrounding Hampton Roads Virginia Cities.


Call PESTOUT for a Free* Moisture Inspection today. (757) 814-2923


Pestout is a local, family, and veteran owned pest control company, dedicated to delivering the most comprehensive pest, termite and fungus control services throughout Hampton Roads. 

*This is a non-business related inspection