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Commercial Pest Control

PESTOUT offers Commercial Pest Control services throughout the Hampton Roads Virginia area to treat and prevent termites, insects, rodents and moisture damage. While most people think of having an exterminator for their homes, it is also important to have pest control for your business. A pest problem could threaten the health of your customers and your employees, and it could have serious financial implications for your company.

PESTOUT provides the following inspection and treatment services for Commercial Pest Control:

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you own or manage, PESTOUT can perform a comprehensive pest control inspection and give you a plan to treat and prevent pests. You don’t have to have visual damage or active termites, rodents or insects to need a commercial pest control company like PESTOUT. We can see beyond what you see to treat and ultimately prevent pest problems.


Some types of businesses that absolutely need a comprehensive pest control program include:

  • Food processing
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Restaurants and other food service venues
  • Retail stores
  • Multi-family complexes such as apartments
  • Schools

In a commercial environment, pests are a large problem especially when there is an abundance of food and water sources, as well as, places for them to hide. PESTOUT offers cutting-edge integrated pest management strategies and advanced equipment with highly skilled and trained inspectors to ensure your business is treated as if it is our own.


A pest infestation can have a negative impact on your business in the form of:

  • Fines from local, state or federal agencies
  • Health and safety concerns for your employees and customers
  • Negative feedback from current customers that prevents new customers from coming to your business


Some pests common to the area that we will look for:

At PESTOUT, we know that moisture inspections and fungus control is important for the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, and moisture damage can often lead to termite infestations. Undetected leaks and high humidity can result in mold, fungus, and mildew. This can lead to health problems and/or structural damage your building. PESTOUT helps control moisture issues that result in damaged wood.


A comprehensive pest, termite and fungus control program is an investment in your business that will protect your employees, customers, physical property and your company’s name. Keep your focus on your business and customers and let PESTOUT treat and prevent pest issues and provide fungus control.

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