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By Glenn Workman, PESTOUT Owner and Veteran –   



Bugs love the warmer weather just as much as we do, so while you’re enjoying the nice spring weather, you should also be preparing for creepy crawly visitors. Here are 4 spring critters that will be emerging with the warm weather:


Ants pest controlAnts

In the cold, ants’ productivity and body temperatures decrease. Until warmer weather arrives, they have to seal up their colonies and hunker down in deep soil for the winter. Once the temperatures rise, ants promptly emerge to search for food. You may quickly encounter these unwanted houseguests, especially when spring rains drive them inside.

To help prevent ants from marching into your home, make sure to wipe down your counters for crumbs, keep food in sealed containers, clean your floors regularly, and don’t leave pet food out all day. A preventative quarterly pest control treatment will deter ants from making your home into their home too.


Cockroach pest controlCockroaches

Cockroaches can survive year-round as long as they have access to warm and moist environments, like your home. When temperatures dip, cockroaches mass migrate into homes and commercial buildings. American cockroaches can be spotted outdoors during warmer climates, but might scurry inside your house searching for food and moisture. That’s why you often find them in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Because cockroaches are attracted to moist places, repair any faucet drips. Make sure to clean your floors regularly and keep food in sealed containers. Cockroaches are very resistant to pest sprays, so most over-the-counter sprays won’t be effective. Call a pest control company if you see cockroaches in your home.


Termite pest controlTermites

In cold weather, subterranean termites dig deeper into soil below the frost line to keep warm. When temperatures reach about 70 degrees, termites with wings, called swarmers, emerge from their nests in large numbers. Termites can be present year around, but the swarmers only come out to mate. Swarmers are male and female termites looking for a place to start a new colony. They are attracted to light and often head toward windows and doors. They indicate a likely infestation in your home. If you see swarmers, call to have your house inspected and treated to mitigate the damage of the termite colony. Click here to see what a termite swarmer looks like.

To prevent termites, don’t store wood near your house, remove dead trees or stumps from your yard, and have your property inspected and treated by a professional pest control company.


Mosquito pest controlMosquitoes

Mosquitoes hibernate during the winter in places like hollow logs. As the weather warms, female mosquitoes wake up to feed and begin developing eggs. If mosquito eggs are laid before the cold weather, they can survive frigid winters and hatch in the spring.

To prevent mosquitoes from becoming “pests,” don’t leave standing water in your yard and wear bug repellant to protect yourself from bites. If your yard becomes infested, have a pest control company treat your yard.


Spring-cleaning can help reduce the chance of pest invasions, but the best protection is hiring a professional pest control company for pest prevention services. Before pests become a problem as the weather warms, protect your home with a quarterly treatment.


PESTOUT is a pest control company in Newport News serving the Hampton Roads Virginia area. PESTOUT treats homes and businesses for ants, cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes and more. Call for a free inspection or to schedule a preventative treatment. (757) 814-2923


Glenn Workman, owner of PESTOUT, has over 20 years experience in the business. PESTOUT is a pest control company that delivers professional and prompt pest control services across Hampton Roads Virginia, including the cities of Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk and Virginia Beach, and north into Williamsburg. PESTOUT is a local, family-owned business providing that personable and professional touch you expect from people who are your neighbors. Your children and pets are important to us, so safety is of the utmost importance. We will treat your property and environment as if it is our own. Call PESTOUT for a free pest inspection today. (757) 251-0944


Source: pestworld.org

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