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By: Jasna Aleksandrova

Once you have rodents in your house it is very difficult to get them out. Without professional help, it is very difficult to get these little creatures to leave your home. You have to take them seriously and start working to rid your house of them as soon as you see signs that they’ve come to stay. Let see what kind of damage they can do to you and your home:

Rodents Spread Germs

They are not the type of animals that clean themselves throughout the day. They can’t control their bladder and therefore they urinate whenever they need to, regardless of where they are or what they are doing. The problem is not that they urinate when the need strikes them, but that they step through their own urine which is one of the ways that they spread germs. Another way they spread germs is that they walk through filth and their feces and then walk around your house and around your food which causes contamination. If you have mice in your house it means that you are at a higher risk of contamination by E-coli or Salmonella. Salmonella and E-coli are commonly transmitted by mice.


Rodents, especially mice and rats have a high rate of carrying disease. Ignoring them in your house should bring major concerns with good reason. Rodents can carry deadly diseases which are why controlling them is so important. Maybe the Black Plague was a long time ago and the chances are very small that you would be one of the 7 cases (on average) that occur in the US each year, but diseases like Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis (LCM-inflammation of the membrane surrounding the spinal cord and brain) are something that should be very concerning. There are many other diseases that rodents spread in the US and worldwide, such as Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, Rat-Bite Fever and more. Rodents and their droppings can carry the disease, which is why it is highly recommended that you wear a mask and gloves when cleaning up after rodents in your home. Cleaning up their droppings as well as handling rodents is risky job.

Expensive Damage to Your House

Beside the fact that they carry disease, rodents, especially rats and mice can destroy your home. They have sharp teeth and in time they can chew through pretty much anything that stands in their way. The wiring in your home is easy for them to get to but not always easy for you to see the damage that they have caused. Wiring that has been chewed through can cause shorts and even fires to occur. If there is enough damage, you will have to pay for an electrician to repair it or restore it. If rodents are located in your garage, they can crawl under the hood of your car and chew the hoses and wiring. Most of the time they will do this to build a nest. This problem is common during the winter months. If rodents can’t get in your house they will try to make their home in the protection of your garage.

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