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Termite Treatment and Prevention Services

Whether you own a home, are buying or selling a home or own commercial property, we can take care of all your termite control needs.

The state of Virginia is one of the worst for termites in the USA. Virtually millions of dollars of damage is caused by termite infestations annually. In many cases the damage isn’t noticed until it’s extensive. Pestout provides effective treatment for existing infestations and preventative termite treatments, which can spare you the costly repairs. The Pestout termite treatment program uniquely follows a comprehensive and powerful regimen to exterminate termites from the structure. Pestout offers Alternative treatments that treat the wood instead of the soil, offering an additional barrier of protection.

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We deliver the most comprehensive pest, termite and fungus control services throughout Hampton Roads.


1.  Advanced Termite Treatments.

For instance some companies in the past and still today are using liquid treatments that repel termites. The down side to this type of treatment is that the barrier must cover every possible entry point or void within the structure to prevent a termite infestation. This outdated treatment is not only more costly due to the additional drilling requirements, but also tends to fail as termites can sense the eventual break down of the material and become aware of accessible routes into the structure.

Other pest control companies prefer using bait stations placed approximately every 10 feet around the structure. This treatment is better than the repellent barrier and is often less expensive initially, but because these stations require constant monitoring they end up costing even more long term.

Pestout utilizes the most advanced material, which combines the benefits of traditional liquid application with the new technology of bait. Instead of having annoying bait stations every ten feet surrounding your structure, which termites must first locate and then begin to feed on. Our barrier effectively turns the whole perimeter of your structure into a bait zone. Forging Termites contact this invisible barrier and unwittingly become the deliverers of destruction for their entire colony. It’s the best of both treatment methods. The most effective technology combined with lowered initial and yearly maintenance costs.

2.  Cutting Edge Inspection Devices.

A common misconception about inspections is that; no visible termites equal a termite free structure. But this is no guarantee that termites are NOT present. All professional exterminators face the same challenges when it comes to locating activity that may be hidden behind walls. At Pestout we have invested in a technology that measures trace amounts of gas that termites give off in the process of feeding.

3.  Innovative Foaming Technology.

Since termites can come up in so many different areas, we want to cut them off from their food source (your house/business). If termite activity is apparent within the voids of the structure, Pestout can utilize our unique wet/dry foam injection system to quickly penetrate the colony and gain rapid control. This type of delivery device allows us to custom mix a variety of materials depending on the unique situation.

4.  Accountability.

The individuals applying the termite barriers are all state registered technicians, employed by Pestout. You will receive in writing all applicable information regarding your treatment: where we placed the treatment, dilution ratios, and how much material was used.

5. Effectiveness.

The most up to date termite soil barrier that is currently in production has a maximum duration of 10 years; and that is in a perfectly controlled environment. Other termite control company’s that utilize a soil barrier, treat a structure once and then rely on that initial treatment to protect the structure INDEFINITELY. At Pestout we feel that this is a substandard approach. As a result Pestout has implemented an industry leading 5-year assessment protocol in an effort to maintain the highest levels of termite barrier effectiveness. To our knowledge we are the only pest control company in Hampton Roads that has proactively addressed this issue of efficacy.

Types of Termites in Hampton Roads and How to Identify An Infestation:

Subterranean Termite

Eastern Subterranean Termites are the only type of termites found in Virginia. A typical colony is 30,000 to 40,000 termites and they feed on wood, dead roots, cotton and paper. Infestations can be prevented with regular preventative treatments. Look for mud tunnels or wings scattered on the ground to find a Subterranean Termite infestation.

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Call Pestout today.757-814-2923

We deliver the most comprehensive pest, termite and fungus control services throughout Hampton Roads.

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