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By: Jasna Aleksandrova

Virginia is rated moderate to heavy for potential termite damage according to the Termite Infestation Probability Zones (TIP Zones) which means that the risk is significant*. Living in Hampton Roads where there is such a risk for termites, having a prevention and control plan is an important part of being a responsible homeowner. These inspections are scheduled so that you can have peace of mind knowing that the crawlspace and other areas of your home are not being eaten by these destructive insects.  During the spring time in Hampton Roads we begin to see swarming termites. These aren’t the kind to eat your home but they are mating to create new termites and establish new colonies. The swarmers may not be eating your home but just think – they are coming from a nest nearby.

During your initial call to a pest control company, like PESTOUT, you will be able to schedule a free inspection so that a technician can check to ensure that your home isn’t currently being attacked by termites. However, you may not realize how affordable it is to have a termite prevention and control plan where technicians inspect and treat any problem areas. Inspections can be scheduled for any time of the year and they usually don’t last very long. It is important to point out any concerning areas to the technician at that time. If the technician finds any concerning areas, they may either treat it at that time or make a follow-up visit depending on how extensive the problem is. This would surely be the case if the technician finds a major termite infestation. If you don’t already have a termite control plan, living in Virginia the odds are that you will eventually need one, especially if you are living in an older all wood home.

If you are planning to sell your home it is recommended to get a termite inspection and have documentation saying that the home is termite free and safe for the buyer. Termite problems are not usually visible during an open house or home viewing so buyers will appreciate the added effort to show them that the home you’re selling is termite free. It can also show a potential homeowner that you aren’t neglectful of your home and that it has been cared for properly.

Good pest control companies will keep their eyes open during a termite inspection for other insects, fungi, mold, water leaks, etc. and will notify you of anything else that they find during their inspection. When you are looking to contract a pest control company for a termite inspection or termite control plan, know that you are protecting the investment that you’ve made in your home. Crawling under your house and checking your attic may not be your cup of tea but a technician is experienced in doing these sorts of things to ensure the safety of your home. Without professional knowledge it wouldn’t be difficult for the average homeowner to miss important clues when it comes to termites or other potential problems when doing it themselves. Another issue is that many people who work long hard hours at their jobs don’t want to add another unpleasant task to their to-do list and some will even forget. A professional will find any termite problems and take care of them in a timely manner preventing future issues.

Many people think that getting regular inspections from a pest control company is expensive but that really isn’t the case. Many pest control companies offer free initial inspections and are very reasonably priced. It is important to remember that termite damage to your home could cost a lot of money and time and this adds to the value of having a regular inspection to prevent that from happening.


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