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Problems with Rodents? You need Rodent Control.

Pestout rids your home of rodents, so they don’t come back!

Rats and mice not only make life miserable when they infest your home, they can also do serious damage. Rodents are disease bearing animals. Did you know that the term rodent means “gnawing animal?” This is because their teeth never stop growing. To keep these chewing tools useable, rats gnaw on things – like electrical wires and ventilation ducts. Damage caused by rats can be costly both to your home and your health. Each year rodents cause more than a billion dollars of damage in America.

How do rats and mice get inside?

Rats can fit through openings the size of a quarter and mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime. They often come in through holes in the foundation and roof, or where pipes enter the house. If you hear scratching in the attic or walls, see rat or mouse droppings, or find chewed cardboard boxes, you most likely have a rodent problem.

You need a rodent control inspection!

PESTOUT thoroughly inspects for rodents and determines where they are entering your home. Once rodent removal and exclusion is complete, PESTOUT seals off these areas so rodents won’t come back. Click here to schedule an inspection.

PESTOUT Rodent Removal and Rodent Control


  1. Inspects the property to find out how rodents are getting in.
  2. Baits the property inside the crawl space, attic and exterior foundation, where rodents love to hide.
  3. Fixes all possible entry points into the house, attic and crawl space once the rodent(s) have vacated so that they can’t get back in. This may include sealing around pipes and vents and adding screen mesh where needed.

PESTOUT prefers not to use poison, because it’s potentially harmful to pets and children. Poisoning rodents can make things worse, because after eating it they travel back to inaccessible nooks and crannies, where they die, stink, and attract more unwanted pests. Trapping them successfully can be very tricky and takes an expert to ensure the desired result. PESTOUT excludes and physically removes rodents to prevent them from returning, and helps maintain healthy indoor air quality (IAQ).

When you cure a rodent problem, you want to be sure they don’t come back. This means that you can’t just poison or trap them to rid the house. They must be excluded first. PESTOUT doesn’t limit your treatment to rodent removal. We block their access points. Once your home is free of rodents and entry points are blocked, new rodents can’t follow old pathways in because their source of entry has been permanently eliminated.

How can Pestout keep my house or business rodent free?

Pestout provides a quarterly service, inspecting the premises for rodents and refilling bait stations.

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Even though rats and mice may seem harmless, they aren’t.

Rats can cause serious illness by airborne contaminates from their feces. When rodents, rats in particular nest in an attic or crawl space, their urine and feces increase in proportion to their number. A typical female rat can produce 6 litters a year of six to twelve offspring. A couple of rats are capable of producing 150 young in a year. You wouldn’t want this to happen in your house. Call 1.800.PESTOUT to prevent it before it gets too big.

Mice can trigger allergies and disease. They contaminate food and water with their waste. They can bite people causing disease. Parasites transmit disease by biting mice and then biting humans. Mice can cause salmonellosis (food poisoning) from feces contaminating food. Additionally, they transmit dermatitis, rat bite fever, tularemia, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, rickettsial pox, and Hantavirus. Although, the risk of getting a serious disease from a common house mouse might be low, any risk is worth dealing with, especially with a common pest that can reproduce by the thousands in one location.

Get rid of rats and mice for good. 

When you’re looking for the best rodent control company, you want a company that doesn’t just get rid of rodents. You want a professional and knowledgeable rodent pest control company that will make sure, they don’t come back.

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