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By: Jasna Aleksandrova

As temperatures drop rodents and rats can easily come into your home looking for food and shelter. They are well-adapted creatures and they can live year-round in your garages, walls, attics and other parts of your house. Once they get inside your home, it is very difficult to control them. Rodents reproduce 6-8 times per year, so if you have them in your home, you will soon have many more. They can sneak throughout your house, moving along electrical wiring, inside the drywall, and along wooden support beams. Not only can rodents sneak around electrical wiring, but they also gnaw on everything in sight, chewing in order to grind down their teeth. They can transmit diseases and can create a real health hazard when they leave droppings behind.

It is not just that rodents gnaw through your food and your property, but they contaminate it at the same time. Rodents are capable of contaminating up to 10 times as much food as they can eat. They are a serious health risk. Like true intruders, rodents can enter your house though an opening as small as dime and getting them out of your home can be difficult if you do not call for professional help.

How to notice rodents in your house

The first thing you should do is check your cables. If your cables are gnawed, there is a pretty good chance that you have mice in your house and the exposed wiring could pose a threat of fire. You should then take a 30 minute walk and look for ways that rats and mice could get into your house. Take a pencil and write everything down so that you don’t forget anything that you see. Mice can eat your food, your animals’ food and can leave up to eighty droppings per day. This is only the beginning of how they can be destructive and unhealthy.

If you spot a mouse and it is light brown, grey or black with short hair and its belly is lighter colored, than you saw a house mouse. They usually appear in the evening and they run from one hiding place to another. They have little footprints with four toes in front and five toes in back.

Wherever mice and other rodents live, they leave evidence in behind such as droppings and hair. Since they aren’t silent creatures, you can hear them during the night and if you are not a heavy sleeper their scratching sounds will wake you up. The corners and edges inside your house will never be the same. With these creatures around, your furniture will display signs of gnawing and chewing. Rodents and mice make their nests in dark places. These dark places have an opening that contains no dust due to the mouse running in and out of the nest. There are dropping sprinkles around the area too. Once you find their nest you can leave a trap next to it.

Happy hunting!

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