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By: Jasna Aleksandrova

If you have bed bugs, it’s time to call the exterminator! However, there is a list of to-dos before your exterminator gets there to prepare for his initial inspection and prevent the infestation from getting worse. The exterminator will first need to inspect your home so that they can assess the extent of the bed bug infestation. The inspection will give you the big picture of what’s going on and then apply the appropriate treatment.

In order to prepare your home for the inspection, you’ll need to keep the following items in mind. Obviously, you can check your own home and get an idea of how big the issue is ( bed-bugs-identification-and-prevention/). If you feel that it is isolated to one room then you may simply want to complete the checklist below for that one room and perhaps any adjacent rooms. If you feel that bed bugs have spread throughout your house, then I’m sorry to say that it would be best if you’d be as thorough as possible and follow the list below to a T. It seems like a long and daunting list that is going to take a lot of time and energy, simply because it is. It is unfortunate that you have to go through this when you get bed bugs but the most important thing is to get rid of them at all costs. If you do half of a job when you’re battling bed bugs then you’re just sabotaging yourself. Help your exterminator and help yourself by being thorough.

  • Remove the blankets, pillows, sheets and covers from the bed/s. After you are finished with the beds you must remove all the bath towels and drapes and together with the blankets, sheets and covers from the bed place them in bags for transport to the laundry.
  • Take away all the things from the drawers and closets and place the belongings into plastic bags. If you have clothing and coats, you make place them into bags for transport to the laundry. Your Children’s plush toys should be bagged for laundry too.
  • Remove all your books, plastic toys and any other items that cannot be washed, put them in separate bags for inspection.
  • The room should be empty of plush items, cloth and books. Only plush furniture is allowed inside the room.
  • Move the furniture 18 inches away from the walls.
  • Remove the outlet covers and switch plates on all walls
  • Remove all pictures from the walls. They should be cleaned and treated immediately after removing.
  • Pets are not allowed and they must leave the area during the treatment and wait before reentering per the advice of the exterminator.
  • Fish are very sensitive to pesticides. If there is a fish tank somewhere in the household, it should be covered with a towel.
  • All the items should be cleaned (bed bugs removed) and isolated until the bed bug problem is solved.
  • The pest control professionals must be able to get to all closets, furniture, beds and baseboards to inspect and treat.

Following the checklist will help you prepare for the exterminator and to know how big the problem really is. If you are currently battling bed bugs, take a deep breath and call an experienced exterminator.

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