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Our Pledge

When you call Pestout, you receive a 100% free pest inspection in your Hampton Roads home. We will do a complete inspection to look for termites, mice, and a variety of insects that are common in the Newport News, Virginia Beach and surrounding Hampton Roads cities. Whether you are already dealing with a pest problem or simply want to get a head start on insect control, the Pestout team has a pest control solution that will work for you.

Whatever pest control situation you are dealing with, from a sudden infestation of mice or a colony of termites, it’s crucial that you deal with the problem right away. If you put it off, you could quickly end up with a major catastrophe and thousands of dollars in damages to your home.

Did you know that a single termite colony could wreak havoc on your home?

In fact, you can expect to pay an average of $3000 to repair termite damage, not to mention the reduction in your home’s resale value! You can avoid these costly repairs completely by investing in pest management.

Most homeowners try to solve pest problems on their own, but are rarely successful in the long run. Maybe you’ve tried bug sprays, both inside and out, and nothing has worked. Maybe you’ve tried all of the mouse traps the local hardware store offers, but you still hear those little scratching noises in the walls at night. When you have a real pest problem, call Pestout.

We offer several different treatments for pest management.

We will customize the pest control treatment for your home and individual pest problem. The Pestout team works hard to protect your family and we will always make sure to use materials that are not harmful for your children or pets. In the event that we need to use a material that is dangerous, we will let you know ahead of time so you can plan to be out for a few hours until the pest control treatment is complete


We primarily rely on a liquid barrier treatment when you are facing a problem with insects. By spraying a liquid solution around the exterior of your home, it will give you twofold protection from unwanted insects and rodents. First, it will prevent pests from entering your home. Second, it will slowly invade the colony and quickly eliminate the pest problem completely.

Another option for home pest management is baiting systems. These are helpful for mice, rats, and other rodents. The baiting systems use your pest’s favorite food to entice him, then the pest is either trapped or given a chemical pest control solution that it will take back to the nest, effectively eliminating the entire colony.

Dealing with any kind of pests in your home is frustrating, but you don’t have to live with insects, termites, or rodents when they show up uninvited. Turn to the pest control experts at Pestout today!

Call Pestout at (757) 814-2923 today to schedule your free pest inspection.

We deliver the most comprehensive pest, termite and fungus control services throughout Hampton Roads.