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Pest Controls Challenging Past

Steven Tvedten is considered by many as the founder of the Natural Pest Control movement. Steve was a pest control operator in the 60’s & 70’s when it was frowned upon for pest control specialists to use protective clothing, even though the materials were very toxic. Pest control companies did this to keep people from asking questions about how severe the materials were. Steven Tvedten developed toxemia from handling these toxic materials so closely for many years, and because of this exposure it almost killed him. After recovering, he devoted the rest of his life to developing materials and writing books such as “The Best Control 2 – Encyclopedia of Intelligent Pest Control Management”  on how to control pests naturally. Steven Tvedten is part of the reason behind PESTOUT’s inspiration to find a better way to manage pests safely.

How Natural Pest Control Works (Our History)

We decided to field test Natural Pest Control to learn what the limits were and where it could be used effectively. Our success was limited because of our decision not to change the application methods. We didn’t change the pricing structure, frequency of service, or the application methods. Making these changes would make NPC have similar results of using synthetic materials treating it traditionally.

During this year long process of field testing, we found that many of our clients were not as happy as they were when we were using more traditional materials. We needed to revisit the home more often and apply more materials throughout the year in order to achieve similar results as traditional materials. Throughout the year, we found that natural pest control is more than just about substituting traditional materials for natural materials. Natural Pest Control can be done, but it requires a higher level of maintenance that needs to be devoted to it. Therefore, the cost is exceedingly higher than using traditional synthetic materials. In all fairness, the limited success was partially due to trying to keep the price the same as traditional pest control when there is more work needed for natural pest control.

How Natural Pest Control changed our Traditional Pest Control

Because we had to do so many different things to offset the effectiveness of natural pest control materials, we became MUCH better pest control operators. Initially, it was like fighting with one hand tied behind your back. The year of field testing helped us to understand pests better. That experience has made us much more comprehensive in pest control management.

How we define “Natural Pest Control”

Integrated pest management, combined with materials that fully disclose the active and inactive ingredients, is the highest form of natural pest control. If the pests have a harbor, we remove it. If they have a food or water source, we remove that as well, along with any runways. We consider our standards on materials much higher than most of the standard natural pest control specialists in out industry. Many of the “green” products out there are only required to list the active ingredients which are usually GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). They do not list inactive ingredients, which can actually be more dangerous than the active ingredients used for pest control. For this reason, we do NOT use these so-called “ready to use” Natural Insecticides that are currently being marketed.  Instead, we use natural materials for natural pest control such as; cedar oil, mint, cayenne pepper, enzymes, diatomaceous earth, boric acid, neem oil, and eugenol oil. *(For traditional pest control we still use traditional materials)

Pest Prevention

PESTOUT focuses on the safety of people, pets and property. For both traditional pest control and natural pest control, PESTOUT enters the Attic, Interior, Garage, & Crawl Space if applicable.  PESTOUT’S intent is to reduce unnecessary applications on the interior of the home, and will only re-enter the interior if needed.

What to Look for When Deciding

What should you look for?
  • They offer an inspection before the quote
  • Does their website look professional / credible
  • A licensed / qualified operator answers the phone
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Professional personnel appearance, knowledge & attitude
  • A well-maintained company vehicle
  • Answering service
What should be a red flag?
  • Prefix is out of the area
  • Cannot provide you with a live referral
  • They present Natural Pest Control as an alternative at a similar cost


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