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With the humidity and flooding issues we experience in our area, you need to keep the real humidity in your home under 55%, which equals to 9-12% moisture in wood. This means your wood has low moisture and is not a breeding ground for fungus.

Signs of a Moisture and Fungus Problem and how to Prevent Them

In Newport News and the surrounding cities of Hampton Roads Virginia and north into Williamsburg, mid to late summer is the worst time of the year for moisture in your home. You need to know the signs of moisture problems and how to prevent them, and then work with PESTOUT to protect your home from further moisture problems.

That is why Prevention and Protection is the key to keeping your home dry and fungus free!

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One of our Moisture Specialists will come to your home and provide a FREE Moisture Inspection.

Moisture Problems: Know how to Prevent Them

Here are some things that you can do to prevent moisture in your home.

  • Have a yearly termite and moisture inspections by PESTOUT
  • Have a Moisture Warranty with PESTOUT
  • In your crawl space:
    • Have a minimum of a 6mm vapor barrier in the crawlspace, covering at least 95% of the soil. This keeps groundwater from evaporating into the crawlspace
    • Seal and dehumidify the crawlspace
    • Good HVAC ductwork that is sealed and not laying on the ground. Ideally, ductwork should not be in the crawlspace
    • Have a layer of sand under the vapor barrier
    • Install sump pumps
  • Fix roof leaks
  • Fix leaking pipes immediately both in your home and on your property
  • Make sure your gutters are not clogged and that you have spout extensions that point the flow away from your home
  • Make sure to use ventilation fans in your kitchen and bathrooms
  • Install a French drain around your house to direct water into the drain, which carries it away from the house
  • Install storm doors and storm windows to prevent water from getting to the wood, thus protecting the doors and windows
  • Check to see if the flashing under the doors and windows is damaged or needs to be installed
  • See if caulking needs to be added or replaced around doors and windows
  • Go under the house yourself and look for leaks OR have PESTOUT perform a FREE inspection

Know the Signs of Moisture Problems

  • Clogged gutters that overflow
  • A musty smell or dampness and mold growth in the Bathroom
  • Damp carpeting on the backside
  • Spongy feeling flooring
  • Water in the windowsill and debris and dirt blocking the window drain
  • Rotted window trim, windowsills or door trim
  • The smoke and gas from your fireplace is not getting out and coming back into the house
  • Buckling or deteriorated siding
  • Damage to the brick-stone-mortar
  • Rotted sheathing on the roof
  • Rotted framing members.
  • Rotting wood eaves and soffits
  • Holes in the foundation
  • Leaking appliances and mechanical systems
  • Broken or corroded pipes and water lines

Call PESTOUT now! (757) 814-2923

One of our Moisture Specialists will come to your home and provide a FREE Moisture Inspection.