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PESTOUT can help with Moisture and Fungus Causes and Damages to your home!

Because we are located on the Mid-Atlantic coast, our cities experience summer high humidity and flooding from high tides and storms. The ground becomes saturated, and there is nowhere for the water to drain. Many of the neighborhoods in Newport News and the surrounding Hampton Roads Virginia cities and north into Williamsburg are at or below sea level. You need to know the top 3 causes of moisture problems and the damages that can occur in your home!

The Top 3 Causes of Moisture and Fungus in Your Home and the Damage it can cause.

#1 – Leaks

50% of moisture damage is caused by Plumbing and Structural leaks.

With all of the plumbing and wood throughout your home, there is a good chance you will have leaks. The damage can happen over time, or if a pipe bursts, damage can happen quickly.

Causes of Moisture Damage from Leaks:

  • Moisture damage can happen when a pipe bursts or has a slow leak.
  • Structurally, the flashing under your doors and windows can be damaged, or it needs to be installed.
  • Your roof can be the cause of a leak.


Damage from Leaks:

Rotten Wood around Doors and Windows: Water gets into areas near the leak and rots the wood.

Flooring: Based on the damage, this may require replacement of the sub-floor, the flooring and sometimes the floor joists.

Roof and Attic: Roof leaks can damage the wood, roof sheathing and attic  insulation.

Cabinets: Plumbing and structural leaks can cause damage to kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Crawl Space: Burst or leaking pipes can cause damage to wood in your crawl space.


At 50+ years, most homes will have some leaks and moisture damage under the bathrooms.

#2 – Humidity

Most homes are not designed correctly for our humid environment.

Your home is susceptible to excessive moisture, causing damage from wood decay and fungus. In the summer because your home draws in warm humid air. In the winter, your home typically drys out, but the damage has already been done!

Causes of Moisture Damage from Humidity:

  • Plumbing leaks.
  • Not enough ventilation throughout the house, including the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Dryer vents into the crawl space and not to the outside.
  • HVAC ducting in the crawl space is improperly installed or not sealed.
  • No vapor barrier in the crawl space.


Damage from Humidity:

Throughout your home, high humidity can cause widespread damage from wood decay and fungus. Damage also occurs when moisture is absorbed into the wood and insulation in your crawl space or attic. A 20%+ moisture reading is the perfect condition for wood decaying fungus.


Structures that are 15-25 years old will have some damage. At 25+ years, there can be substantial wood rot in the beams, joists and sub-flooring.

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#3 – Ground Water

When the water table of your house rises, water gets into the crawl space.

When it has been raining for long periods of time, the ground becomes oversaturated and has nowhere to drain. This can occur in your yard and can become a bigger problem if the water is not directed away from your home’s foundation.

Causes of Moisture Damage from Ground Water:

  • Homes without gutter allow the water to run off the roof and into the soil next to the foundation.
  • If you have gutters, lack of spout extensions that point the flow away from your house allow the water to pool around your foundation.
  • Gutters that are clogged by debris and leaves can cause them to overflow and run down the side of your home and pool around your foundation.
  • Poor land grading allows the water to find a low spot near your home’s structure.


Damage from Ground Water:

  • Ground water in and around the crawl space can cause high moisture levels in the crawl space, causing rot and fungus to grow.
    • This can damage the wood sill plate, main beams/girders, floor joists, sub-floor and band board.
    • Your HVAC ductwork can become wet, causing it to be heavy and sag to the ground.
    • Your wiring can become wet and cause corrosion.
  • In areas that experience flooding, water around a slab foundation can get up and into the wood framing, causing rot and fungus.

Call PESTOUT now! (757) 814-2923

One of our Moisture Specialists will come to your home and provide a FREE Moisture Inspection.