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Mice Control

PESTOUT has licensed, qualified, professional pest control technicians to get rid of mice and prevent them from coming back into your house.

If you’ve heard scratching in the attic or walls, seen droppings or have noticed chewed boxes or wires, you may have a mouse problem. Call PESTOUT for a thorough inspection and get rid of mice (757) 814-2923, or fill out the form.

Do you have a mouse problem?

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mice control

Mice can trigger allergies, contaminate food and water with their waste, and can bite people causing disease. Parasites transmit disease by biting mice and then when mice bite humans, they pass along the disease. Mice can cause salmonellosis or food poisoning from feces contaminating food. They can also transmit dermatitis, ratbite fever, tularemia, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, leptospirosis, rickettsial pox, and Hantavirus. Although the risk of getting a serious disease from a common house mouse might be low, any risk is worth avoiding, especially with a common pest that can reproduce by the thousands in one location. Mice can also chew holes in drywall, ductwork and wires, causing safety problems and costing you money.

You don’t want them in your house. Call PESTOUT for mouse pest control at (757) 814-2923 or fill out our online form.

PESTOUT gets rid of mice through a comprehensive 3-part system to not only get rid of them, but stop future mice from using the same entry points:

  1. Inspecting to find out where the mice are entering the property.
  2. Baiting the property inside the attic, crawl space and exterior foundation.
  3. Fixing all possible entry points into the house, attic and crawl space once the mice have vacated. This can include sealing around vents and pipes, and adding screen mesh where needed.

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PESTOUT is a professional, knowledgeable local company that I will use from now on.

-Brian S.