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By Glenn Workman, Owner, Pest and Moisture Specialist


prevent mosquito bites

Whether you’re outside barbecuing, swimming, playing outdoor games like cornhole or swinging with kids on a playset, you want to enjoy your summer without having to worry about getting mosquito bites all over your arms and legs. If you are frequently in your yard, or you notice mosquitoes regularly, you can call a professional pest control company. PESTOUT treats yards for mosquitoes, so you can enjoy your summer outdoors without getting covered in bites.


Mosquitoes aren’t only a nuisance, they also spread disease. According to WebMD, over 700 million people each year contract diseases from mosquitoes. Last year, one of the prominent diseases spread through the mosquito was the Zika Virus. We have a blog about the Zika Virus here. While the Zika Virus isn’t as much of a concern this year, it is still around, along with other mosquito-transmitted diseases.


Here are some tips to protect you from mosquito bites:

  • Dump standing water – If you have birdbaths, buckets, rain barrels, outdoor pet bowls, pool covers or pots that collect water, you’ll want to get rid of them, or rinse and scrub them regularly. Standing water creates breeding grounds for mosquitoes, because female mosquitoes lay eggs on the walls of water-filled containers.prevent mosquitoes
  • Wear insect repellant – DEET is a mosquito repellant that works when applied all over exposed skin. It’s considered safe and is suggested for use by the CDC to help protect you from mosquito-transmitted diseases. There are also natural methods people use for repelling mosquitoes such as citronella, a natural plant oil; tea tree oil and vitamin B; and eating garlic. The effectiveness of natural repellants is yet to be determined, and may differ by person, but it might be worth a try for those who want to avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Wear light colors – Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors, so wearing whites or pastels will give you a better chance at avoiding bites.
  • Opt for pants instead of shorts – Even though it’s hot outside, opting for pants or long-sleeves will help protect you from mosquito bites.
  • Wear loose clothing – Loose clothing not only does a better job at keeping you cool, but mosquitoes can bite through tight clothing.
  • Avoid getting too hot – Mosquitoes are attracted to warmth and moisture, so avoiding sweating will help repel them. Setting up outdoor fans or going inside regularly to cool off might keep you from being a mosquito magnet.


PESTOUT is a pest control company that gets rid of mosquitoes around your home or property. If you’re in Newport News or surrounding Hampton Roads cities, give PESTOUT a call to get your yard treated for mosquitoes and enjoy your time outdoors. (757) 814-2923


Glenn Workman, owner of PESTOUT, has over 20 years experience in the business. PESTOUT is a pest control company that delivers professional and prompt pest control services across Hampton Roads Virginia, including the cities of Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk and Virginia Beach, and north into Williamsburg. PESTOUT is a local, family-owned business providing that personable and professional touch you expect from people who are your neighbors. Your children and pets are important to us, so safety is of the utmost importance. We will treat your property and environment as if it is our own. Call PESTOUT for a free pest inspection today. (757) 251-0944


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Bottom photo courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net by franky242

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