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By: Jasna Aleksandrova

You do not have to kill rodents in order to get rid of them. There are more humane ways to deal with the problem. Rodents can spread more than 35 different kinds of diseases through their urine, feces and by them walking through your house. They can be a real health threat to you and your family. Many people do not like to kill the invading rodents because some people feel that they are innocent creatures just looking for shelter from the cold. Here are several inexpensive methods that you can use to get rid of your house rodents.

Trap with a spring-loaded door

The Have-a-heart trap and other humane rodent traps work with the principle of trapping the rodent once it enters the trap but not killing it.

Put a small amount of peanut butter on a cracker and place it the middle of the Have-a-heart trap’s floor. This will be your bait. Open the door of the trap and wait for a rodent to appear. Once it appears, it will step on the door trigger. The door will slam shut and the rodent will be trapped in the cage.

Another humane mouse trap

There is another humane mouse trap that works with a bottle that you provide. It is actually shaped like a big piece of cheese that attaches to the bottle. You have to place your bait inside of the bottle while the cheese is attached to the mouth of the bottle. The trap should be located on the floor or counter. Once the rodent enters the trap, a ball and spring located in the cheese will activate and the rodent will be trapped inside of the bottle.

Trap made of a toilet paper roll

You can make your own inexpensive trap by using an empty toilet paper roll, a tall trash bin and a raisin. The toilet paper roll has to be flattened on one side so it doesn’t roll. This is important because you will place it on the edge of you kitchen counter. The end of the toilet paper roll must hang over the edge of the counter. Put the raisin at the end of the roll that hangs over the trash bin which should be located right under the toilet paper roll. Wait for the rodent to enter the toilet paper roll and because of its weight, as the rodent goes for the raising the roll will drop into the trash bin.

Bucket trap

Take a bucket and fill it with water but don’t fill it high enough that the rodent could climb out. Place a sponge or something else buoyant into the bucket and make sure that this item can support the rodent to prevent it from drowning. The bucket’s handle has to be in upright position. Tie a piece of string on the top of the handle and tie a piece of food at the end of the string. Let the food dangle over the sponge and wait for the rodent. When the rodent reaches for the meal, it will fall into the water. Once it is in the water it won’t be able to climb out.

Time to call a professional

Although you can trap a rodent on your own, it is important to find out how it got into your house and if there are any others. A pest control professional can not only make sure that your house is rodent free, but they can prevent rodents from entering your home in the future. If you have a pest control professional, make sure that rodent extermination and prevention is a service that they offer. It is much easier to prevent pests of all kinds from entering your home rather than to get rid of them.

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