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ant controlGet rid of ants in the house and yard with ant control services.

When ants come into your house, you need the expert assistance of an ant pest control company to get rid of them. PESTOUT will handle even the most stubborn ant infestations to make sure your home or property is ant-free. You have our guarantee that if the ants come back, we do too. We also keep the safety of children and pets in mind. When you have an ant infestation and need a treatment, do it the right way first and give us a call. (757) 814-2923

Are you noticing ants in your home?

Ants are often around:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry Rooms

This is because ants are looking for food and water sources. Cleaning up crumbs can help keep ants out, but did you know that moisture also attracts them? Areas with high moisture concentration above 75-80% will attract ants. The typical and ideal moisture/humidity level inside a home is 35-45% but it fluctuates by season. Water leaks, poor circulation and bad venting increase this level, sending a message to ants to come on in.

Types of Ants

There are three types of ants in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area:

  • Sugar ants (black ants)
  • Fire ants (red ants)
  • Carpenter ants

PESTOUT has the ant control solutions for any of these ants.

Ant Treatments

PESTOUT treats your home or property with 3 barriers:

  • Yardget rid of ants
  • Foundation
  • and Baseboards

The yard treatment includes the entire yard up to a half an acre. Yard treatments push ants away from the house structure making entrance to your home a father trip. The foundation treatment repels ants from coming into your home and the baseboard treatment is your last barrier of defense.

If you have an infestation we will use bait that ants will bring back to the hive. It poisons the fungus that then poisons the larvae, other ants and the Queen.

We keep children, pets and farm animals in mind when we treat your property. When you call PESTOUT you have the peace of mind that your property is not be contaminated by store-bought pesticides.

Ant Prevention

The best way to prevent ants is to set up a general pest control plan with PESTOUT. Here are some other tips for homeowners to keep ants out:

  • Remove food, water and moisture source.
  • Clean up pet food and don’t leave it out unsealed for long periods.
  • Keep the house clean and clean up food crumbs. Ants like the spaces between cabinets and appliances where crumbs can fall.
  • Store sugar-based food like honey and syrup in sealed containers and clean the outside surfaces.
  • When you eat outside, eat away from the house.
  • Fix leaky faucets. That includes exterior faucets too.
  • Check HVAC lines for any moisture drips.
  • Grade the yard away from the house.
  • Trim back trees and bushes, so they don’t touch the house and rake leaves away from the house foundation.


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