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By: Jasna Aleksandrova

It’s not a pretty site to find an ant highway running across your kitchen floor. Many homeowners can relate to this unpleasant experience of ants invading their homes. At first dealing with ants can seem easy: go to the store, buy some kind of an ant spray, and let the toxic substance from the container do the job. The toxic substance in the spray will kill the ants, and that’s that. Then you spend a day ant free, go to bed, and expect the problem is gone forever. Right? Not necessarily. You can usually count on repeating the whole thing the next day or soon there after. Spraying the ants found on just the kitchen floor is not a permanent solution. Actually this is the most common mistake that homeowner can make when dealing with these pesky nuisances. When you spray insecticide on the ants that are feasting in your kitchen, you are only temporarily solving the problem. After couple of days the ants will appear again, no matter how much you spray the kitchen floor with insecticide. If you contact a professional, they will teach you that those ants are just a fraction of the colony that is invading your home. The ants in the kitchen are worker ants that eat and bring food back to their nest where the queens and male ants are breeding. To get rid of them you have to destroy their nest where the whole colony is reproducing.

Finding and destroying the nest

The ant colony that has invaded your home can be inside or outside. There is a common belief that the ants found in your home are only in the house and that is not always true. When searching for food and water ants will enter a house from the outside. It is common to find that the ant nest is located outside in the yard, or in the near surroundings like a park, play area, or yard because ants usually nest in soil or in tree stumps (carpenter ants). When invading a house they usually find cracks in the foundation, cracks near windows, or cracks in the doorways. In situations like this the best thing to do is to find out where the ants are entering from and more importantly, where they are going after they leave the house by following their ant highway. This is best done at night when the ants are most active. You should lure them with a tasty food, like sweets and watch the workers carry the food back to the nest. The best way to observe ants is with a red light, because ants cannot see red. Destroying the nest can then be accomplished by all-natural means, with insecticide or with a combination of both. Only then you can be sure that your ant problem is solved for good. Knowing how to deal with ants is important, but there is a value in speaking with a professional exterminator. Many professionals will identify the type of ant colony invading your home and use a more specific form of treatment which may be more effective to that specific ant species. Professionals have wider array of products and they know how to apply them for best possible solution.

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