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Rodent Control

PESTOUT has licensed, qualified, professional pest control technicians to get rid of rodents and prevent them from coming back to your house.

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Do you have a rat problem?

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Rats and mice are disease-bearing and can chew holes in drywall, ductwork and wires. They also reproduce at an astounding rate. You don’t want them in your house, so to get rid of rodents, PESTOUT uses this three-part service for rat pest control and mouse pest control:

If you’ve heard scratching in the walls or attic, seen droppings or have noticed chewed boxes, you may a rat or mouse problem. Call PESTOUT for a thorough inspection and get rid of your rodent problem (757) 814-2923, or fill out the form.


PESTOUT gets rid of rodents by:

  1. Inspecting to find out where the rodent(s) are entering the property.
  2. Baiting the property inside the crawl space, attic and exterior foundation.
  3. Fixing all possible entry points into the house, attic and crawl space once the rodent has vacated. This can include sealing around pipes and vents and adding screen mesh where needed.

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PESTOUT is the best pest control business in the Hampton Roads area. Fast, friendly, and loving service, that puts the customer first. With PESTOUT they do the job and do the job right the first time. I recommend them to any home or business need you have, if you want it done right call PESTOUT!!!!

-Timothy H.